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Co-founder and chief creative officer at The Great Bubble Barrier, freelance conceptual graphic designer, and part-time bird nerd.

Originally from Amstelveen, I moved to Rotterdam to study Advertising and Graphic Design at art academy Willem de Kooning. It’s there when started exploring the responsibility and influence of graphic design – and being able to relate to social, cultural, political, commercial and technological issues in contemporary society.
I explore and analyze complex matter before developing and thinking through strategic creative concepts. It doesn’t matter where, how or in which medium an idea is expressed; you have to start with a good one!

As a graphic designer, I want to communicate. Give shape to information in words and images, and tell a story to a specific audience through various media. As a freelance graphic designer, I worked for various clients, from the Dutch national police, an eel farmer, a real estate project developer and many more. I helped them to visualize their story and create concepts to support their challenges and mission.

In 2016 I started working on the realization of The Great Bubble Barrier. A smart solution to plastic pollution. The Great Bubble Barrier can block plastic in rivers and canals with the use of bubble screens. 


An idea born in a bar in Amsterdam. As soon as the proof of concept was there right in front of my eyes I made the commitment to give all my time and energy to create waste-free rivers and ultimate a clean oceans. Plastic pollution is a topic close to my heart. As a sailor, you are often confronted with the effects of pollution on marine life. No matter how many miles away from land you sail –plastic waste will be spotted and sea. I am an ambassador for this complex and social problem and communicate about my observations and the effect of plastic pollution.
I would like to present myself as the creative mind of The Great Bubble Barrier. As a creative, I’m fortunate with the instinct to create. Which comes as second nature to me.
I focus on the early stages of technical development, PR and all marketing and communication. It’s my duty to spread the message and mission The Great Bubble Barrier. 

As you might have figured, my name is Saskia Studer a young creative Dutch woman with some ambitious plans to change the world and hobbies that a few people call crazy. I’m going to be very honest with you… that’s oke! We need a higher sense of adventure. We need more fun. I am to be more daring to make bad decisions and care less about how we appear to others and care more about personal happiness. That’s why in 2018 I redesigned a car to a camper and I call him Bob

Studio Studer

Creative Concepts and Sustainability

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